A short guide to Easter Holiday pay

A short guide to Easter Holiday pay
What are the employment rules around Easter?

All employees of all contract types, are entitled to the benefits of working on a public holiday. 


If your employee has an Independent Employment Agreement that says your staff have to work on a public holiday AND they would normally work on the day that is a public holiday-(like Good Friday), then they can be made to work. 


Employees may be given another day off in lieu.

Good Friday and Easter Monday are Public Holidays.

If your employee is made to work or chooses to work on a public holiday, the pay rate is time and a half for every hour worked


Saturday and Easter Sunday are NOT public holidays.


If your employee usually works on a Sunday, then Easter Sunday is paid at the standard pay rate. 


Employees who don’t usually work on a Sunday and don’t work, are not entitled to be paid for the day.


Separate rules for Shop Employees 

If you have shop employees, you MUST give them notice if you want them to work on Easter Sunday. The employee is allowed to refuse to work.



Working over Easter | New Zealand Government. https://www.govt.nz/browse/work/public-holidays-and-work/working-over-easter/



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